About & Best Posts

I’m Chris Wagar. I write about video games regularly and this is a dumping ground for the various writings I’ve produced. I’ve written far more than I’ve ever published publicly, so expect posts here to be regular.

I have no accreditation, I am not well known, I am an authority only so far as you deem me knowledgeable. I just hope to make a fair case where I can and convince you should my words be true, because I trust that I can write well enough to communicate the truth and hope that you will accept a good argument as authority enough.


If you want examples of what I’m all about, and some of my best writing, read the following:
Critpoints Glossary


A Basic Introduction to Depth
My Standard of Quality for Games
4 Criteria for Depth
Games for Learning About Depth
Micropositioning: Another Source of Depth
Simple Actions with a lot of Depth
How Do I Determine if a Game is Good or Bad?
Depth Done Right

Critique of Critics

Game Critics are not Authorities
Pretentious Game Analysis in a Nutshell
Tripping on Air: Why Game Journalists Can’t Describe Games

Reviews and Notes on games

Halo: Combat Evolved Review
Halo 2 Review
Thief 4 Review
Nier Automata Demo Review
Nier Automata Review
Nier Review
A Link Between Worlds Review
Skyward Sword Boss Review
Twilight Princess Boss Review
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Review


Immersion is Fake and a Menace!
Street Fighting For Beginners
Smash Bros Melee Beginners Guide
Hitstun in Stunning Detail
5 Games 5 Jumps


Why Don’t Stories Matter in Games?
Games as a New Media Art Form
Stories Necessitate Dissonance with Gameplay
Issues with Interactive Narratives
Story Apathy

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